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Airsickness Interview

There are a lot of bands out there. A lot of good ones, a lot of bad ones.  It got us thinking, what makes a band successful? Is it luck? Is it about becoming viral on YouTube? Or could the term “successful” be relative to the bands expectations for themselves and the journey they travel?

We had the privilege of connecting with the guys from Airsickness, a pop punk/rock band out of of Palmetto, Florida and were impressed with their talent and determination to, as Casey Jago told us “become more then another bar band.”  They are a four piece band who work hard to create music that they think people can relate to.

The guys admit that its been a long road.  “When we started we were horrible.” says Casey.  “We had a lot of haters but kept working to learn music, learn to write, learn to sing, learn to play and find our sound. Our goal is to continue to write, tour and bring our music to the world.”  We have a feeling that with their work ethic and determination, they will continue improving fast and it won’t take them long to achieve their goal!

If you have 5 minutes give these guys a listen. You can hear them here.

Check out there Facebook page here! 

Good work guys, continue to put in the work! #PPW

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